Matthew Kay, Owner

Matthew Kay has been playing classical, acoustic, and electric guitar for over 20 years. A fourth generation teacher, Matthew works with students of all ages and experience levels to create learning programs that are as enjoyable as they are educational. Whether you (or a loved one) are just beginning, or you're trying to advance past your current level, Matthew Kay and Zen Guitar Studio can tailor a solution specifically for you.

Beginner Guitar Lessons

The main objective for beginner guitar is to get a good, clean sound out of each note and familiarize ourselves with the guitar to facilitate quicker learning. Once we can play cleanly, we should start writing and learning songs immediately.

Intermediate Guitar Lessons

Intermediate guitar lessons consist of getting our act together and going to perform. Recitals and other live performances are key to our development as musicians and also a fantastic motivator for practicing what we learned in guitar lessons.

Advanced Guitar Lessons

For advanced students, guitar lessons consist primarily of jamming. While jamming is an integral part of beginner and intermediate guitar lessons, sitting down with a professional who will play with you live and “trade” with you is invaluable.

Confused about which lessons are right for you?Compare your skills to those taught at each level.


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